Nu Delta of Phi Mu Delta
Composite Photos for the years 1955, 1956 and 1958

posted by Robert L. Baber, 1958
2001 August 20

Each composite photo is available in low resolution (short downloading time) and in high resolution (long downloading time). If you have a dial-up telephone connection, you may prefer the low resolution photos. If you have a DSL, LAN or comparable network connection, you will find the high resolution photos better.

For casual viewing of an entire composite photo, the low resolution version will usually be adequate. But if you would like to examine your own picture at a reasonable size, you will find the high resolution version much more satisfying.

To download or view one of the composite photos of the Nu Delta Chapter of Phi Mu Delta, click on the corresponding link below as appropriate for your web browser:

1955 low resolution: PMD1955low.jpg (approx. 160 KB)
1955 high resolution: PMD1955.jpg (approx. 1.7 MB)

1956 low resolution: PMD1956low.jpg (approx. 129 KB)
1956 high resolution: PMD1956.jpg (approx. 2.3 MB)

1958 low resolution: PMD1958low.jpg (approx. 133 KB)
1958 high resolution: PMD1958.jpg (approx. 1.8 MB)