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Tutorial Notes on

Genetic Genealogy
Y-DNA, Ancestral Trees and Mutation Graphs

by Robert L. Baber
last updated 2018 August 8

Our ancestors never completely died. They continue to live in our DNA even if we know nothing else about them.

This web site offers you information on using Y-DNA test results for family genealogical research. Click on the corresponding line below for tutorial notes on
  1. DNA Basics, Definitions, Concepts and Understanding Fundamentals such as Marker Tables, Ancestral Trees and Mutation Graphs.
  2. How to Deduce Ancestors' Y-DNA Marker Values.
  3. How to Transform a Marker Table into a Mutation Graph.
  4. How to Transform a Mutation Graph into an Ancestral Tree.
  5. How to Transform a Marker Table into an Ancestral Tree Directly, without Deriving a Mutation Graph.
  6. When Are Which Additional Tests Needed?
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