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Books, lecture notes and a seminar by Robert Laurence Baber

1. In the course of my management consulting and university teaching I wrote four books and extensive lecture notes on software development, in particular, how to design software so that it fulfills its specifications. I also developed a seminar for software developers in practice, which I instructed 22 times and in 6 countries. Most of this material shows how to design software as engineers in the traditional engineering fields design their artifacts.

Information on these books, lecture notes and the seminar is available at my web page
Pdf files of the books themselves (which are no longer in print), of the lecture notes and of the seminar documentation can be downloaded free of charge from the same web page.

2. My latest book, The Language of Mathematics: Utilizing Math in Practice, was published in late 2011. Information about this book is available at This book is available both in print and as an ebook and can be ordered from the publisher and from most booksellers throughout the world.

3. Another book of mine, tentatively entitled
Report of the Solar-3 Covert Visitation Committee, is in an early planning stage. This book will be a critique of earthling society. See for further information.

4. I am planning still another book, this one on general strategies for solving logical and mathematical problems such as riddles, puzzles, brain teasers, games, mathematical problems on college entrance examinations and the like. This book will develop generally applicable guidelines for combining previous knowledge in order to draw new conclusions or to solve new problems. Applying these guidelines will be illustrated with many examples.

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